Gopa Massi is in our memories for ever. The image she has etched in our minds is one of purity and love. Rarely does God make such beings now. She was always full of love and care, and she was simple yet stylish. She was full of life and she continues to live in our hearts and talks as we inspire generations to come through her braveheart style of living. I’ve being one of the youngest of our generation to have received extra love from her, and luckily even my kids have had their share. She was always supported perfectly by our ‘Veerji’,both having very few things in common, yet they were a perfect match,completing each other. Both of them have been a great guiding force throughout my life. Lets all stay positive and learn from the Godly soul of Gopa Massi, and live our life to the fullest,because life doesn’t give second chances to everyone. lets make the most of it. Lotsa love. Always in our hearts n memories.