• Mohit Dobhal Memorial Annual Essay Competition-2023

    We are holding our annual essay competition.

    Topic– Artificial Intelligence and Energy.

    Entry Rules: Upto 18 years of age, not limited to UK or India.

    Judges: Trustees of Gopa Foundation(UK) and Gopa Foundation (India)

    Winners :

    1st Prize – £200.00 (or equivalent in currency local to the country of entry.)

    2nd Prize – £100.00 (or equivalent in currency local to the country of entry.)

    3rd Prize – £50.00(or equivalent in currency local to the country of entry.)

    Last Date of entries 25 Dec 2023

    Email entries to info@gopafoundation.org in word or pdf format. Word limit upto 3000 words. Any language that Microsoft Word supports.

  • Gopa Foundation Awards

    Gopa Foundation India ‘Annual Student of the Year Awards’ at Punjabi University Patiala, India. Three trustees of GF India, Dr J S Dargan, Mr Bipin Kaushal and Mr Surendra Dobhal, awarded three prizes totalling a sum of Rs 25000.

  • Partnership with OSCAR

    Gopa Foundation has partnered with OSCAR Foundation to support a digital learning centre in Mumbai. Our trustee, Mr Chintan Patel, visited the centre in Mumbai.

  • Trustee Vacancy

    Gopa Foundation is looking for a committed Trustee to join our board of trustees. For more information click here

  • Visit to ARCOS Centre

    Gopa Foundation Trustees visited the ARCOS Centre in Malvern to see some of the amazing work they are doing. It was inspiring to see their work that is making difference in life of physically or mentally challenged children and increasing their ability for education.

  • Charity Dinner and Dance

    The Event on 12 of March was a success. Thanks to all supporters who joined, for their generosity. You guys raised around £2000.00

  • GF (India) 1st Anniversary

    GF (India) Celebrated its first anniversary on 25 October 2021. Rs 50000 was distributed to vetted candidates. The occasion was graced by Dr Atul Sachdeva, Dr Mangat Dogra, Dr Mangla Dogra, Dr (Mrs) Sachdeva. The event received print and audio-video press media coverage.

  • GFUK inspection visit to an Anganwadi in India

    Tony Dargan Chair of Trustees GFUK and J S Dargan chair of Trustees GF India visited an ‘Anganwadi’ which looks after the health and education of children in a community.

    It was heartening to see how well the Gopa Foundation funds are reaching grassroots and directly benefiting the people who need it the most.

    Thank You Pratham UK

  • Patron Visit

    We were honoured to host our GFUK patron D/L Mrs Angela Brinton.

    We presented her a copy of ‘Fight till the end’

  • #gopafoundation #Pratham

    Gopa Foundation cemented strategic partnership with Pratham. Stay tuned. More details in due course.

  • Essay Competition Results.

    The winners of the Mohit Dobhal Essay Competition.

    First Prize Vincent Shears


    Second Prize Sidney Turner

    Sid has severe visual impairment.His zest for life is inspiring.

    Well Done Boys!!

    Entries will be published soon.

  • Book Launch

    On 14 August ‘Fight to the end, An Inspiring journey of Grit and optimism’ a book by Dr J S Dargan was launched in a private ceremony at Malvern (UK). Book was launched by Mr Martin Burton MBE. The book is a memoir of a husband and a carer. The author tells his and a cancer patients journey. It will inspire patients and carers to focus on the quality of life. Book is now available worldwide via Amazon and Flipkart (India). You can sponsor copies of the book on this website (Click Here) for cancer patients and carers. The funds raised will be donated to Gopa Foundation and patients or carers will get books free of cost.

  • Onwards and Upwards with your support 🙏

    Great News to Share. Gopa Foundation has agreed Strategic Partnership with Pratham UK which is the UK chapter of Pratham an international charity supporting education of children worldwide. Gopa Foundation will be adopting one village as a Pilot Project to support 75 children with basic literacy and numeracy skills through digital and face to face teaching.

  • Gift Aid and HMRC

    Gopa Foundation is now recognised by HMRC and is Eligible for Gift Aid from 10 Nov 2020.

    Thanks all for continued support 🙏

  • Mystery Donor

    A Mystery donor has donated £5000.00. We are incredibly thankful.This will go a long way in Gopa Foundation sustainability.

  • A Sad Day

    It is an incredibly sad day for all at Gopa Foundation. Unforgettable day in Gopa Foundation journey.

    A noble soul ‘Mohit Dobhal’ S/o Gopa Foundation (India) Treasurer Surinder Dobhal sadly passed away today.

    Moti we all at Gopa Foundation just don’t know what to feel. Be in peace and with Gopa.

  • Aayan supports his school

    Aayan was raising money for his school’s EYFS book resource. Gopa Foundation had immense pleasure to support Aaayan and his school for the cause. Keep up the good work Aayan.


  • Officially Registered in England and Wales

    With all your support, we are now a registered charity in England and Wales with Reg No. 1192260. 🙏

  • Humble Beginning 28/08/20

    Gopa Foundation’s inaugural event was organised at Gopa’s residence. The event was held at the right very place where she spent most of her daytime, enjoying sunshine, meeting friends and relishing her choicest of food. She was always content and thankful to God for what she had in life.

    A 2 minute silence remembering Gopa was observed

    Due to CoVID restrictions the event was limited to 10 children with social distancing. Trustees gave an inspiring and encouraging talk to children. Children were also provided with refreshments.

    Trustees handed over the grant cheques to the children.

    Many thanks to all trustees and supporters worldwide.

    Below are some photos of the event.

  • Grandson’s Reflections

    First i need to take you back to may 4th. My dad’s birthday. Usually a happy occasion, people come over. We have Large, loud and late parties most years. This birthday was different. First of all, lockdown was at its peak. Everything was shut down. What did this mean for us? At the time, my Grandma who had had stage 4 cancer for a few months was on her deathbed. 4 years ago, we were told she had 2 years left. We got double the time that we expected. A blessing and a curse. We sat in the living room. My mum, my dad and I. My brother was upstairs, gaming. He was not fully aware of what was going on. In the living room we prayed. The three of us, in completely independent yet completely united prayer.
    Our hopes were not high. We were not praying for her to get better, we were praying for her not to leave this earth on the same day 42 years after she brought my dad onto the earth. In the late hours of the night, I went up to bed and somehow managed to get to sleep.
    Morning came, and with it came a sad reality. I walked to my parents’ room, already knowing what was about to be said, without even having heard it.
    ‘She’s gone’
    A tragic silence plagued the room, as I went to hug mum and dad. The look on my mum’s face i will never forget. It was the face of the deepest sadness, shock and loss. We spoke very little. Nothing needed to be said. I went back to my room and went back to bed, hoping to hide from reality. Hoping it was a dream.

    It wasnt.

    Later that afternoon we prepared for the funeral , as it is tradition with Indian families for the funeral to happen within 24 hours of the passing. We all wore our head coverings, severely dreading the inevitable.

    I watched my grandma’s body come home from the hospital on a zoom call

    The ambulance reversed into the drive and her body was unloaded. Before she passed, she requested to be in her wedding outfit as she was cremated. I remember my mum telling me she still wanted to wear sunglasses on the way to the hospital, despite knowing that it would be her last visit.

    She was carried into the living room, and the cloth around her head was
    Removed. Then came a shock like nothing ive ever experienced. Both my parents burst out in grievance. My heart dropped. I left the room.

    At that point I am told my auntie applied lipstick to my grandma. I had shutdown.

    Not long later i was called downstairs again. Up until this point I had not shed a tear. However the funeral was taking place. She was wrapped in swaddling cloths, placed in the middle of a large stack of logs. I watched, in low quality as the internet connection was poor, my grandpa lit a torch, and then lit the fire. The fire was beautiful. Like nothing I had ever seen before. It was soulful. And danced with joy, stark contrast to the emotions that all people were filled with.
    My dad said his final goodbye.

    His mum, my grandmother and my auntie’s sister was no more than a pile of ashes.

    At the time it did not have a huge impact on me. I didn’t address my feelings nor spend any waking minutes thinking about it. I was hiding.

  • 2nd GFI AGM held on 17.8.20

    Trustees met yesterday. An amount of Rs 50,000 approved, to be granted to the children who were found eligible after scrutiny of applications. Hope it brings a smile on their and parents faces and children take steps towards contributing positively towards the society. 🙏

  • First GF(India) AGM held on 30.7.20

    First Annual General Meeting of Gopa Foundation was held on 30.07.20 at Chandigarh.

    Application form for the grants was approved by the Trustees.

    We have already received 12 application forms to help the children in need. Forms are being sucritinised with the submitted required documents.

    Humbled by the response🙏🙏

  • Donations cross £6000.00 (Rs 600,000).💝🙏📖

    Huge gratitude to all donors. This is not only creating opportunities for underprivileged children but is also boosting our morale.🙏

  • Donations approaching £6000.00 🙏

    Thanks all. Donations are now approaching £6000.00.

    Wouldn’t have been possible without your generosity.

    Gopa Foundation is now fully registered in India. A Bank account is being set up and will be operational in the next 48 hours. All the funds raised will be transferred to the account. Trustees will soon have an AGM to plan best use of the funds. We will keep you informed.

    Your support is invaluable in this journey. Please keep it up.

    Thanks Again.

  • Gopa Foundation Formally registered in India🙏
  • Donations cross Rs 500,000.00💝

    Donations have crossed ₹ 500,000.00. Gopa Foundation has so much love and support. You all are laying solid foundations. 

  • Donations approaching Rs. 500,000.00

    To put a perspective this could mean if annual cost of education a school going child is ₹ 20,000 for one year. This amount could support about 25 children for 1 year. Huge thanks to all.

  • Work in progress

    This is to update you all that the formalities to consolidate the Gopa Foundation is taking longer than expected due to COVID 19 restrictions.

    The government offices and banks are taking longer than usual to process the paperwork.

    The work is in progress and we will keep you updated.

    Your support is valued and it will always be.

  • 🙏 No words!£5228 raised in 3 weeks.

    Rs. 483778.07 could educate 160 children for 2 years in India.

  • 1st member donor accepted.💫

    A lovely supporter has committed to donate £3/month. Our 1st founder member.

  • Donations cross £4000❤️

    Thanks for all the love showered. Each and everyone who has donated has taken a step towards making Gopa’s vision into reality. Much gratitude.

  • Day 7🙏

    £3595 on Day 7. Thanks founder supporters 🤗

  • Donations now £3350🌹

    We are getting there.

  • Donations cross £3000🙏

    Heartfelt thanks to all supporters. It means a lot to us and will make a change in life of children who need it.

  • Donations approaching £3000

    Let’s keep going. £5000 will enable us to register Gopa Foundation formally as a charity. This £5000 will be personally delivered to children in need in India or the UK.

  • Donations cross £2000 in 48 hours

    Thanks for the generosity to all donors. £2000 milestone achieved in about 48 hrs. We will get there and realise Gopa’s dream

  • PayTm donations now accepted

    For convenience of residents of India, PayTm donations are now accepted

  • Donations cross £1000

    Thanks to all donors. Donations have crossed £1000 in less than 24 hours.

  • Gratitude

    Overwhelmed by love showered by the donors worldwide, nearly £1000 raised within few hours of launch.

  • Website launched

    Gopa Foundation website launched on the day of ‘Bhog’ prayers at Gopa’s residence in Chandigarh amidst COVID- 19 restrictions.

  • Initial constitution adopted
  • Conception

    Gopa foundation conceived on 9/05/20, website development starts.