Finally, am able to muster courage to pay my condolences for ma’am. My walks with her are what u treasure. She was so innocent, just spoke what came to her mind. Child like innocence. Let me tell you one thing that was between her and me. She knew how desperate I was for a job as a lecturer. My marriage depended upon it, unfortunately. The day I got the job, she could not wait for me to convey the good news. She came to my house and when she heard the news she broke down with joy. She blessed me a trillion times, she thanked God for my job. Every evening I would go to the park, disturbed, wanting to leave my home and break my marriage. She and another friend would tell me to stay one day more and today 23 years have passed and I have continued. She reassured me, gave me hope everyday. She held my hand, guided me. I just loved her. Had to write lots but can’t. Overwhelmed. Pained to lose her.