I am lucky enough to write this on my birthday, but now so lucky enough this time because I don’t get to see you anymore.
It was 1 AM when Mom handed me the shagan ( a birthday gift) from my Nana’s side. I was extremely happy and felt so loved once I recieved the shagan. I quickly swiped up my phone to write a message to Nana saying a thank you.
It was shocking to see that my fingers automatically wrote “Thank you Nana Nani”. In this faced paced world, we often forget to express how we feel about the loved one who cannot be seen. But, I was totally shattered as soon as I realised that this year, it was my mom who was giving me this shagan and not my Nani. This left me in uncontrollable tears and it took time for me to settle again.
Certainly, the ones who’ve gone cannot come back, but I would want to say, GOPA Nani is different, even now I feel her presence in the surroundings and I take this as a positive and build upon her dreams set for me to achieve.
I’d like to write few lines
Nani, wherever you are,
Let it be a bus or a car!
You’re my driving force to achieve my goals,
Without stopping at the tax paying tolls!!

You are the one who used to stand with the shagan in your hand,
I feel you’re a part of my soul just like a watch is to a band!
As the time ticks by and I hopefully become successful,
I, for sure, know you would be the happiest with emotions full!!

Keep blessing and guiding us always
– Your putt