Mumma, I have been missing you each and everyday. I feel like you are still everywhere around in the house, just keeping a look on us and blessing us like always.

You were a braveheart who had a optimistic approach towards everything, no matter what the situation is. The way you used to teach me everything was precious and helped me in my growth and to be the person I am.

I am missing sitting around you, talking about what all is going in my life as I never used to hide anything from you. You always had the solution to my problem, no matter how severe it is. After talking to you, the problem never felt like a problem anymore.

I feel very lucky that I have been raised by you, under your shadow. You were there since my birth, loved me like your own grandson and I am happy that I have celebrated my each and every birthday with you always there.

I will always remember your teachings and will make sure that the vision you had for me will surely come true and you will see me succeed.

I am missing you alot.
Love you mumma. RIP 😣